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Reef images

October 2008. This is our reef tank. It was started in1999 and is home to many species of live corals, fish, and other creatures.

A pair of clownfish at home in their anemone. They regularly lay eggs on the rock just under the anemone.

The eggs are bright orange immediately after they are laid, and gradually turn to silver before they hatch, 7 days later.  This photo was taken at 2 days.

At 6 days the silver and black eyes of the developing baby fish are visible.


The large female clown guards her home and her tiny mate while the male tends the eggs hidden beneath the anemone.

Baby clownfish at 15 days. A heater and airline tubing show how tiny they are.

One of the threadfin cardinals.

A neon goby resting on a brain coral. He sometimes acts as a cleaner to the other fish.

A yellow Fiji leather coral.

A closer look at the same coral.

Varous corals and the neon goby.

This is a Pavona coral 4 years ago, shortly after adding it to the tank.

Same coral 1 year later, in 2005.

And now in 2008, the coral has grown into a home for brittlestar, which never leaves the shelter it provides.

Hundreds of tiny serpent starfish reach out from crevices throughout the tank to catch food particles that float by.

The corals extend their tentacles to catch food as well.

A hermit crab scavenges among the sun coral.

A view from the right side of the tank.

Orange Acanthastrea

Candy cane or trumpet coral

Sun Coral

Bubble Coral

Yellow polyps, a soft coral.

Click here for the baby clownfish video.

These are the same fish at 16 days.

Click here for the full reef video from 2005.